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  • This is Who I am...

    Simple question that everyone has when looking up a person to do business with, right? Well, I'm a person who likes to Design Websites. I do Front-End Development; in other words, my enjoyment comes from creating a visually appealing site with an outstanding layout, while using modern scripting.

    I do this as a freelancer. Also, because Web Development is something I do out of pleasure, I do not take on every project just because it's work.

    What this means to you is: 1st, if you decide to hire me, you may rest assured that the person creating your virtual persona, is doing so with a positive motivation and passion. 2nd, if I accept to bring your project to life, it's because I believe in what you are trying to accomplish and look forward to its success.

    Nuff said!

  • What I bring to the table...

    I'll listen to your ideas and provide appropriate advice on fusing your project with the correct elements, in order to deliver a cutting-edge Web result that places your business in a category of its own.

    Some are under the wrong impression that if you throw everything but the kitchen sink into any Website you develop, it'll make the developer look savvy and the client a happy camper in spite of how far off the target such result may be.

    I believe in keeping things simple. The more elements you put before the viewer's eyes, the more they need to digest, process and think about. This creates doubts and confusion on what the correct choice might be. Therefore, if your site is simple, appealing and straight to the point, the viewer will feel welcomed, relaxed and encouraged to stay. End result: More business for you.

  • Contact Me

    Getting a hold of me...

    You may call me at the number on the green banner above, or fill out this form, which will automatically go to my E-Mail at: contact@polett.com

  • Didn't I say, "Do NOT click"?

    So I guess you are the kind that hears "Curiosity killed the cat" on regular basis? So do I! And my response to them is that it's okay as I then have 7 lives.

    Curiosity is a key factor to success. Taking a chance in order to learn something new each day does not only feed the brain, but feels rewarding to one's spirit.

    Polett's Design Studio has a slogan: "Because it's all in the eyes of the beholder"... (Hence the curious looking eyes on the site's logo). Different people have different ideas, and as such, a web developer/designer should not question what you find pretty, nice, or dazzling. Our job is to ensure that in fact, your idea becomes a marvelous creation that leaves you and the viewer in total delight when seeing the end result.

    Because we reward curiosity, you may be eligible for a 10% discount upon mentioning you were here. Cheers!

My Portfolio

Below you can see some of my recent projects, along with a brief summary and the coding used. You may click on the website's snapshot to view full site.

Blog and Newsletter

Whether you are ready to hire a developer or simply considering your options and getting an idea of what different people offer, our blog is designed to provide useful tips on establishing and/or maintaining your online presence.

Within the upcoming weeks you will find short articles on various topics such as social media marketing, E-Mail newsletter tips, SEO and more.

I encourage you to bookmark us and check back periodically, or fill out the contact form on the top of this page so that we may inform you of new posts.